Harvest of Harmony parade brings tradition and nostalgia

For this year's grand marshal, being an integral part of the parade is exciting because she has been watching it for years. (KSNB)

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Saturday morning was the much anticipated Harvest of Harmony parade. For the 78th time marching bands from around the state, local organizations, and many more walked down third street to greet hundreds of people lining the sidewalks.

This year's grand marshal said she was very excited to help plan the parade. Dana Jelinek said it is a big part of Grand Island's history.

“Harvest of Harmony is quite the tradition. I remember being a little kid and coming to my grandpa's office down here on 3rd Street and watching from his window,” Jelinek said. “So I've come to parades or watched them on TV since I was very small.”

She also said it is great to have the record for marching bands and to see families come out to support their performers and let the kids enjoy a morning of excitement.

“The little kids this is so exciting for them,” Jelinek said. “Not only the candy but for the bands and just for somebody to wave at them and acknowledge them is priceless.”

Jelinek is from the Grand Island Habitat for Humanity which is celebrating over 100 houses built.