Hastings College "J Term" is underway

Hastings, Neb. - (KSNB) Traveling the world, shadowing professionals and taking immersion classes, this is what the January Term at Hastings College is all about.

Hastings college students are immersing themselves in a variety unique classes for the "J Term" one being game design.

"I am doing a horror game, so people are exploring the woods, they have to escape a wolf and they have to get back home," says Jarad Johnson, Senior, Hastings College.

Transferable kills are a key element in the class.

"I am an Econ major and one of the things in economics is game theory so for me this is a way to learn and apply. Learn how people make decisions, how people use the information to make the best decisions," adds Johnson.

It is a three week short course and it is open to kids of all skill levels.

"Any of the students who want to go into video games still need to know the foundations , the game mechanics, how games work, how probability works," says Sara Gevurtz, Assistant Professor of Digital Art.

Students pretty much roll the dice and can take any class that peaks their interest.

"It's a bit more casual but, this one, is, I feel like I am learning a lot more and remembering and retaining a lot of it," continued Johnson.

They focus on theory, psychology of creating compelling games through play and analysis.

Everything from research and development to the production of a final product.

The "J Term" will now consist of two, immersions, one in the spring and one in the fall.