Hastings College changing the college experience

Published: Oct. 10, 2018 at 7:56 AM CDT
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Students heading to Hastings College next year will have a experience different then the rest of their peers. That's because Hastings College is re-imagining the college experience with the launch of several initiatives that will begin in the fall of 2019.

Hastings College President Travis Feezell said it's a complete revamp of how the college is doing things.

The college is changing the way students take classes. Most colleges have two semesters filled with four or five classes, but not no more for Bronco students.

The college will take the two 16-week semester structure and divide it into blocks- a single two-week block and two seven-week blocks each semester. This means students will only take one or two classes per block.

Feezell said they've been able to reconstruct the curriculum and graduating in four years is now more plausible.

In 2019, students will select a major, a minor and an IDEA minor. An IDEA is an InterDisciplinary Exploration Area, courses that allow students to hone in on an interest area, such as sustainability.

Other changes include adding tech into the classroom and traveling abroad.

With learning happening both inside and outside the classroom, every student will receive an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. This will allow students to utilize tech more during their college experience.

Feezell highlighted the opportunity of studying abroad during an interview on Local4 Today.

Hastings College will give students the chance to travel abroad for a portion of their second year on campus, at no additional cost.

Feezell said studying abroad helps people become more curious. Students get to learn different cultures and ways of thinking.

He said so far, the feedback has been extremely positive to the changes.

"I think small private colleges need to keep talking about ways to be relevant," said Feezell. He says these changes will bring in a fresh feel for the college and energize not only students but also the faculty.

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