Hastings College initiatives to broaden opportunities for students

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - Students at Hastings College will be met with some big changes come Fall 2019, all to give them a more modern experience.

The school is launching four big initiatives that fall under Hastings 2.0. They'll focus on student engagement, study abroad opportunities, new technology and a new course schedule.

"Really there was this sense of saying, 'well how can you keep a student engaged?' Particularly if they're part of the Netflix generation," said Travis Feezell, president of Hastings College. "That really what they're interested in is immediacy. They're interested in deep engagement, and how do we get them to connect."

Feezell said the goal is to create new learning opportunities for students.

Students will be offered a free study abroad opportunity to give them more cultural diversity.

"We believe that in the 21st Century the world is global. That things are interconnected. And for our students to be competitive in the 21st Century job market, absolutely we need to give them every opportunity to see the world and experience the world in that way," Feezell said.

Each student will get their own IPad as well to give them more of an edge in the job market.

"As I've talked to a number of CEO's in the business world, in the business community over the past few years, clearly having a student that is technologically proficient, and frankly their ability to collaborate and connect over the course of a digitized world, those are incredibly important job skills," Feezell said.

He said they are still working out some of the kinks in the initiatives, like how to distribute all the IPads to students, and where students will go for study abroad programs.

All the initiatives will start up in Fall 2019.