Hastings College kicks off study abroad initiative

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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - Hastings College has officially kicked off its sophomore study abroad initiative this fall. Going along with a new schedule format and new technology the study abroad initiative is entirely funded by the College.

Some Hastings College students have officially left as part of the College's new study abroad program.

Students traveling this fall had the option of choosing from Vancouver, Paris or Cannes, France, or Cuzco, Peru. In 2020 the College will add six more locations, including one domestic in Washington D.C.

"I really think it speaks to the importance of our students knowing about global issues and interacting with the world," Director of International Programs, Grant Hunter, said. "What better way than to send them out and get field experience and see the world for themselves."

The new initiative is solely for sophomores, however, students from other grades have the option to study abroad simply without the funds from the school.

The purpose of these trips is to give students the opportunity to engage in, discover and experience new cultures.