Hastings College packs thousands of sandwiches to fight local hunger

Hastiings, Neb. (KSNB) - Hastings College is taking time this week to recognize the many people who are food insecure in the area with their Hunger and Homelessness Awareness week. In Adams County, over 11% of the population isn't sure where the next meal is going to come from. About 60% of kids in Hastings Public Schools are on free and reduced lunches.

Members of the Global Local group at Hastings College made thousands of sandwiches to help feel the hungry population in town. (KSNB)

The Global Local group at Hastings College made over 3,000 sandwiches to be taken to local organizations to distribute.

“I just understand how important is for people to be able to eat and actually consume food,” Global Local Co-Chair Alianna Higgins said. “That's really important and we don't acknowledge enough in this country that food is a human right and people deserve to have access to food.”

Catholic Family Services in Hastings gives out about 5,000 sack lunches a month. Some students had never dealt with food insecurity before and were shocked at how much of an issue it was. Others could closely relate.

“I personally have dealt with food insecurities and so it's nice to kinda give back now that we are in a good state right now to give back to the community and know people are not alone,” Global Local Chair Dani Lizarraga said.

The group also plans to pack thousands of dried meals for the Orphan Grain Train to help the hungry overseas. That food packing event will be Friday starting at 8am and they will go until they run out of supplies.