Hastings College soccer team raises money through firework sales

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HASTINGS, Neb.-- Hastings College Men and Women's soccer team is selling fireworks out a Russ's market. Through an agreement with Bellino Fireworks, each dollar spent sends a percentage of the money to the athletics program.

Women's Head Coach Chris Clements said the money funds road trips that allow them to play some of NAIA's best.

"Being a soccer coach, I don't sell fireworks for a living, so it's a different environment, which is good. I think it's great too. There's lots of kids walking around and our girls get to meet a lot of people in the community. A lot of people in the community get to meet our players," said Clements.

This is the tenth year the two soccer teams have sold fireworks.

They'll be out Sunday and Monday for anyone looking to buy some fireworks or meet a few players.