Hastings College students put artwork on display downtown

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - Hastings College students are getting a chance to showcase their artwork downtown. They are being put to the test for class but it's something the public can come and enjoy.

These students have been working on their different art pieces all semester. Each artist has very unique style and the mediums range from glass, to paint, to even dirt.

This is all part of the third year art major class called professional practices. It teaches students how to work in a studio and make the gallery look how they want to.

One student's work uses VHS tape in baskets, another has made their own comic people can read.

Student art is usually displayed on campus but this time it is downtown on 1st St. between Allo and Steeple Brewing.

“We told them like the height for the tracks and the lighting,” Junior Molly Lotterle said. “It was really all up to us which was a change. We're used to just putting our work in and having it curated by the professors.”

The gallery gives the public a chance to experience different kinds of art they may not have considered before. It is also a good chance to support local artists.

“It's really nice to educate younger viewers to know that you can interact with stuff if artists want you to and you can have fun with art instead of having it be like a serious thing,” Lotterle said.

The gallery is open from 2-5 during the week and 1-8 on Saturdays. Next weekend there will be an open house where the artists will be available to talk about their process.