Hastings Fire Department warns of metal connections being stolen

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - The Hastings Fire Department is warning businesses to check and make sure their brass fire department connections are still attached to their buildings. They recently had been notified that one business has had one stolen.

Each building typically has two inlets available for the fire department to access it near an entrance or street. They believe people are taking them to scrap the metal.

“We are trying to work with businesses and inform them this is going on,” Fire Prevention Officer Troy Vorderstrasse said. “Make sure you check yours so if there's any problems that they can get ahold of us and we can give them some options to take care of that. We're also trying to work on a solution where we can override that system.”

The connections link up to the sprinkler system in a building so the fire department can provide more than just the city water in the case of an emergency.

“The fire department connection is used for our trucks to supply water to the sprinkler system,” Vorderstrasse said. “Buildings with sprinkler systems are on domestic water off a fire line. When we show up we put our water to it and provide more pressure than the city system.”

Firefighters say to contact them if any have gone missing or if you don't know where to find them on your building. They can come out and assist you.