Hastings Museum gives a lesson on the importance of raptors

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - The Hastings Museum hosted some special guests Tuesday and those guests came with sharp talons and beaks.

People got to learn about raptors from an organization that aims to teach people about why they are important for an ecosystem.

"The respect of wildlife and the understanding, we're not going to conserve and understand about habitats or wildlife if we don't know anything about it,” Nature’s Educators Director Devin Jaffe said. “So my goal is to help people understand so they'll be more willing to go out and say 'oh i'm going to recycle, or i'm not going to put a barbed wire fence, or i'm going to keep my cat inside.'"

The short class is taught by a Hastings College grad who now takes care of raptors who can not be released into the wild. She hopes to teach people how to care for the special birds.

“It keeps out ecosystem in balance. of course these guys are helping regulate our prey populations as well as the spread of disease,” Jaffe said.

She talks about ways people can help keep raptors safer by not using rat poison and keeping cats inside.