Hastings Public School District is asking voters to pass shifting tax levy funds to help with budget

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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - The Hastings Public School District is facing a deficit of about $2.5 Million.

One of the ways they are looking to make up for part of the shortfall is to ask voters for approval to raise the general fund tax levy by seven cents.

Hastings School District is dealing with less state aid, this has put their operating costs in the red. They say this is just a re-allocation of funds and not a tax increase. They say that language on the ballot may be confusing and this is not a property tax increase. They want to shift money away from school building projects and into operations. Other than Longfellow the other projects are complete.

"A homeowner's property tax in the Hastings School District will remain the same next year whether this passes or fails and that is the part we are trying to educate the community on," said Jeff Schneider, Director of Finance, Hastings Public Schools.

The ballot will be mailed on April 22, it needs to be received back by May 14th.

As long as the majority of people mailing the ballot back, say yes, they can move forward.