Hastings YMCA offers free online exercise classes after closure

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - COVID-19 has forced the Hastings YMCA to close its doors to the public.

Nery Shafer begins to instruct her high intensity interval training class online.

But that hasn't stopped them from helping you workout.

The Hastings Y is giving everybody the opportunity to enjoy their favorite group exercise classes online in the comfort of their own home. If you want to start one for the first time, that works too.

"Live group exercises that they can stream at home is really what we felt was needed. Especially when people are cooped inside and it's a stressful time," said Hastings YMCA Wellness Director Erika Knott. "Getting some of that pinned up energy out, can really benefit their mental health."

The classes are free and can be accessed by anyone, not just YMCA members.

"We know whether you have a Y membership or not, this is a really important time for us to help out," said Knott.

Equipment isn't necessary either.

"All of our classes, most of our classes are equipment free. Because we know you guys are at home, you can't go to the store and get that. So we want to provide something that you can do at home."

The live videos airing during their normal class times will help people keep their exercise routines. During a time when our routines have changed drastically.

These videos also give the whole family the opportunity to do something together and get the blood pumping while being stuck inside.

"Everyone's routine has been jeopardized and so we are providing these classes at the same time they normally come to the gym to help with a little bit of that routine and normalcy," said Knott. "It's at home so their kiddos or families can join in too."

There are ten different classes to choose from. If you miss a class, you can always find it and complete it on the