Hastings flower shop brings joy through the decades

Valentine's Day is a busy time for flower shops and one Hastings shop has been a part of...
Valentine's Day is a busy time for flower shops and one Hastings shop has been a part of people's romance for decades. Bob Sass Flowers shared their passion for the job. (KSNB)(KSNB)
Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 5:37 PM CST
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With Friday being Valentine's Day, flower shops are buzzing with activity to get orders just right. One shop in Hastings has been putting their TLC into their arrangements for 65 years.

At bob sass flowers, they said flowers speak for themselves. But sometimes the messages placed with them emphasize the love behind each petal.

"May the Lord keep watch over you and me while we are away from each other and know that I still love you everyday and forever" - Flower arrangement note

The designers have been part of romance stories, surprises, and even some of the harder days

“Just being able to surprise somebody with flowers who they might have been having a bad day or just didn't know that they were going to be receiving flowers today,” Designer Abby Young said.

Amy Hamburger's father, Bob, started the Hastings shop in 1955. She has been trimming roses, picking out vases, and making people's days for most of her life.

“I was raised here in the flower shop literally in a flower box when I was a little baby,” Hamburger said.

Designers said there is a lot that goes into getting a bouquet just right. With a flurry of roses, daisies, and baby's breath going in and out of the cooler. It's almost magic that brings them together and out the door. Hamburger said in a small town like Hastings she has gotten to watch people grow up through the flowers they order.

“Obviously as a little girl maybe getting flowers from her dad for valentine's day, prom flowers, and then it goes into the wedding flowers,” Hamburger said.

For the Valentine's Day orders they laugh at the jokes on the cards and listen closely to what makes people happy.

“We really do put a lot into the bouquets that we make, we really do love making our customers happy and giving them something that's going to bring them joy,” Young said.

The rush of the holiday and the joy on faces is what keeps people coming back to their hometown flower shop all these years.