Hastings officials give COVID-19 update

Published: Apr. 3, 2020 at 7:59 AM CDT
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Hastings officials met on Friday via video conference and gave a coronavirus update.

Starting things off Michele Bever with South Heartland District Health Department said of the three confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported on April 2, two were community spread.

Eric Barber with Mary Lanning Healthcare gave an update on the two COVID-19 patients currently at the hospital. He said that both are still in there care and remain in the ICU.

He also said that Mary Lanning remains prepared at all times during this pandemic. He stated that currently they have 10 ICU beds with 5 being occupied, and 7 ventilators with additional access to 9 more if needed.

Adams County Emergency Manager, Ron Pughes said that outdoor warning signs still will be going off at noon and first Saturday of every month and to remember that it's just a test.

Pughes also reminded to think about the children and their mental health, saying they rely on self-worth and that many are missing that connection in schools and from their teachers. He also said that if anyone is struggling during this time that you are not alone. Seek resources.

Reach out to 402-463-5684 if you’re struggling and need someone to talk to.

Mayor Corey Stutte also reminded to continue the support of local businesses and reminded that all playgrounds are closed at this time.

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