Hastings softball teams come together to support mothers battling cancer

Published: Jun. 25, 2020 at 10:31 PM CDT
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The youth Hastings Crush softball teams held a "Pink Out" game in support of those battling breast cancer. The game meant a bit more to Hastings mothers, Tamisha Rose-Osgood and Tammy Craig, who both have breast cancer.

"When the diagnosis came it really rocked my world," Rose-Osgood said. "I thought immediately death, just maybe not the right way to think but maybe that's common. It was just scary."

"It just turns your whole world upside. Normal is no longer normal," Craig said.

So, the Crush softball teams came together to show they have their backs.

"We think that this is a great opportunity to show the girls that this is more than a game of softball," Hastings Crush softball coach Andria Head said. "That we all have a lot of other things going on in our lives and for some of the girls, open their eyes to what some of their teammates and their families are going through."

It had the sights and sounds of a normal softball game but for Rose-Osgood and Craig it solidified what the softball community has meant to them the last four years.

"It's been a good organization for my daughter to play in... Everybody has just been great. I'm not surprised by this love at all," Rose-Osgood said.

With their daughters, Gracie (11) and Zara (11) both wearing pink, Craig and Rose-Osgood were thankful for them and reminded how this battle is a lot bigger than they are.

"There is so many other people fighting this disease," Rose-Osgood said.

Not only did they support those who are fighting the same fight but they supported their daughters as they took the field with smiles on their faces.

Craig said she just finished radiation and starts chemotherapy on Tuesday, while Rose-Osgood has more treatment before starting chemotherapy.

Like their daughters softball teams, both Rose-Osgood and Craig are going to "crush it" when it comes to cancer.

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