Health Fair connects locals with health providers

AURORA, Neb. (KSNB) - Locals got to take their health into their own hands in Aurora Saturday by meeting face to face with providers at the Health Fair.

Memorial Community Health welcomed a number of organizations to meet with people about their health and how they can help them live healthy lives.

Representatives from locally sourced food businesses, hospitals, and doctors went over test results and helped people plan ways to live better according to their individual needs.

“Leading up to the Live Healthy Health Fair we offer low cost blood draws at our local health clinic and the importance of that is that people know their numbers so if you have cholesterol issues, cardiac issues, there's things that people have caught by doing this testing that they would not have normally caught,” Memorial Community Health Marketing Director Tina Hunt said.

A number of groups also attended to raise awareness of health conditions like diabetes, cancer, and what poor diet could do to the body.

“I think we've seen just a trend towards people taking charge of their own health and so the vendors that are here support that,” Hunt said.

Some community members may not have reached out to certain providers but the fair gives them to get in contact with organizations to help them live healthy. Provider's information can be found at