Heartland United Way looking for volunteers to repair flood damage

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - With the recent dry streak those dealing with flood damage have had time to rebuild. But they're far from done. So the Heartland United Way is gathering volunteers to help with some of the repair projects that are left.

Volunteers are needed to help the Heartland United Way help homeowners with projects related to flood damage, (KSNB)

“There's a lot of people in Wood River and Dannebrog that really haven't put their houses and lives back together yet so just trying to get volunteers out to rebuild their basement or just cleaning jobs,” AmeriCorp Vista Jenna Clark said. “There's a lot of odds and ends that we're just trying to help.”

They need anyone who can clean out muck to people who can fix drywall. On Saturday October 19 crews will gather to help homeowners in Dannebrog and Wood River.

“We had that 16.84 inches of rain in August and so everything got wet again and so it's just a continual process trying to get the basements dried out so work can be done and to keep the water out,” Howard County Advocate Lori Larsen said.

Some projects are very in depth and will take until next spring to finish. But the Heartland United Way hopes this weekend of help can get them closer to being back to normal.

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