Hebron shooting suspect pleads not guilty

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A Hebron man arrested in connection to a fatal shooting in Hebron plead not guilty in court on Tuesday.

Michael Lewis, of Hebron, appeared in Thayer County court on Tuesday morning, and plead not guilty to charges of use of a deadly weapon and first-degree assault.

Both charges carry a maximum of 50 years in prison.

Nebraska State Patrol reports indicate a series of events that led to the shooting.

It began with a disturbance between multiple parties at approximately 1:30 a.m. on Saturday, October 27 at a residence at 200 North Elm Street in Davenport.

At that point, it was reported to Thayer County dispatch that Lewis pointed a gun at another person during the incident, but when deputies arrived, the individuals reportedly responsible for the assault and pointing a gun were no longer there.

That incident prompted another at approximately 3:20 a.m. at a residence at 625 Jefferson Avenue in Hebron, when Lewis called Thayer County dispatch and said he caught two people breaking into the residence and shot them.

Remington Elting, 28, of Davenport, and Reuben Elting were both found at the scene with gunshot wounds when deputies and Hebron Rescue responded to the residence on Jefferson Avenue.

Both were transported to the hospital were Remington was pronounced dead. Reuben was then flown to Bryan West Medical Center in Lincoln where at last report he was in critical condition.

Other court documents indicate that Lewis told State Patrol Investigators that he was awakened by two men banging on the front door of the home. After arguing with the men, Lewis locked the door and then retrieved his 9 mm handgun. Lewis then heard one of the men banging on the side door and then stepped out to talk to Remington Elting, someone he used to work with.

After an altercation, Lewis shot Remington from his knees, and then saw Reuben Elting coming after him and shot him because he didn't stop when Lewis told him to.

Investigators say in the documents that Lewis said he wasn't trying to murder anyone.

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