High school seniors graduate, look toward future

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - High school seniors prepare for new chapters in their lives as they enter the stage as students, and leave as graduates.

Almost 180 seniors from Northwest High School walked into the gym Sunday for graduation.

They were greeted by friends and family with lots of cheering, and accompanied in by the school orchestra.

"I'm super happy. Super excited to be on to this new chapter in my life, but kind of sad that I won't be able to see the kids I've been going to school with since elementary school," said Lindsey Sonnenfeld, one of the graduating seniors.

The graduates took their seats, wearing their grad caps and golden sashes with pride.

They're all going down different paths in life: Some are going into the military, others the workforce and many into colleges across the country.

As they listened to some final advise from their peers and advisers, some had parting advice of their own.

"Get involved in as much as you can, because you meet a lot of new people. Don't really care about the cliques, because there's always cliques, but once you get to know the people from the other cliques, then you realize they don't really matter, and everyone is super cool," Sonnenfeld said.

While some said the day is bittersweet, students look forward to what's ahead as they accept their diplomas, and turn a new page.