High-speed chase through Arapahoe

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APAPAHOE, Neb. (KNOP) - Kevin Herbert of Araphaoe caught the high-speed chase on his cellphone from his front yard on the west side of town along Highway 6/34, just before 2 a.m. Monday. Initially, Herbert heard the information come across the scanner, but made it outside too late, missing the action.

High-speed chase through Arapahoe, Nebraska. Video images were caught on a cellphone by an Arapahoe man. The video was made from his front yard. No official word if the suspect was found after the chase was called off around 3:30 am. (SOURCE: Kevin Herbert, Arapahoe).

However, he says when he went back inside he heard on the scanner that the car had spun-out outside of town and ended up facing back toward Arapahoe, so the chase came back though town a second time.

The video captured by Herbert is of the chase coming through town the second time. .

Herbert says according to the scanner, the Sheriff's Department called off the chase around 3:30 am. Herbert does not know if the suspect had been apprehended after the scanner feed said a couple of Furnas County deputies would continue looking for the suspect.

KNOP-TV reached out to the Furnas County Sheriff. He knew we were looking for information about the chase, but he did not return our call.

Herbert does not know the speed of the car through town, but he guessed it was well over 80 mph.

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