Holiday event gets students' minds off of finals

KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) - A holiday event at UNK Wednesday night helped students relieve some of the stress from studying for finals.

The party was put on by the multi-cultural program. Students could enjoy some holiday pastries, sing Christmas carols and build ginger bread houses.

Freshman Sarah Turner said it was fun to spend a couple of hours and get away from studying.

"I'm really tired because I have a lot of projects. A lot of my finals are this week. They're like group projects and stuff, so I guess I'm kind of nervous because group projects are the worst because you have to depend on everyone else," said Turner.

The Spalding native is planning on going home next Thursday, but is taking note of her first semester on campus.

After putting off some of her work until the last minute, Turner said she wants to stay on top of it next semester.