Holistic Health Expo to return to Grand Island

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - More and more people across America have been turning to a natural approach to their health. One Grand Island woman wants to help spread the word in central Nebraska.

Salt lamps are just one of the many items visitors can expect to see at this year's Holistic Health Expo. (Credit: Alicia Naspretto, KSNB)

Sarah Larsen Astrones started the Holistic Health Expo last year to help people better understand the benefits of using natural products. She says this is something she's felt passionately about for some time and she wants to use that passion to help other people.

"I just wanted to invite everyone in central Nebraska to experience something that maybe isn't available here or bring to their awareness that some of these things are available here for us," Larsen Astrones said.

43 vendors will be coming to Grand Island Saturday morning to help share the advantages of items like crystals, essential oils and other natural alternatives to common medicine.
They say these products help heal the body from the inside out, which brings many other benefits as well.

"When we bring holistic healing into the mix, we allow ourselves to be vulnerable," Larsen Astrones said. "We allow ourselves to be real. We allow ourselves to be authentic. We allow ourselves to care about ourselves and for others."

The Expo will be on Saturday morning at 8 am in the Bosselman Conference Center at Fonner Park.