Home and Builders Show connects retailers and customers

KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) - In Kearney, the Home and Builders Show is going on at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds.

Home owners have been turning out to get ideas of how they can improve where they live and find the retailers they need to help them.

For those who do the selling, they say shows like this are a great way to get to know the customer. The show is mainly for self promotion to bring people into their stores but they also get something out of it other than a paycheck.

“It's a great great feeling to see somebody put a smile on their face so they come back to the booth here, they tell me how happy they are with their purchase. It's a really good feeling,” Russell’s Appliance and Electronics Owner Steve Russell said.

This is the 36th year of this event. Some of the retailers have been coming for as long as they have been in business. They say being able to be a part of someone improving their home to be more comfortable or something they are proud of and makes it all worth coming back.

“Showing your loyalty to the customer, showing that you like the job, traveling, getting to meet new people, and just knowing they trust you,” Bristol Windows “The Window Guy” Martin Hersh said.

The show continues through Sunday and will be coming to Grand Island Heartland Events Center January 18-20.