Husker balloon found in New York

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A marine biologist working for the state of New York made an interesting discovery Tuesday morning.

"I was just heading down to the water to fill up a test tube with some water," Alyssa Lefebvre said. "I saw it blowing there and I couldn't not pick it up."

Alyssa said it was a windy, rainy, cold day when she spotted a balloon while taking a water sample. Finding a balloon on a beach is not an uncommon occurrence for Alyssa. But this one was unique.

"But then I was like Huskers...and N, so I realized it was Nebraska. I was quickly chatting with co-workers and they were confirming 'oh yeah that's their football team'. So I pulled up a google search and realized there's quite a controversy behind these little balloons."

Before the Nebraska Football season started, the environmental group, Balloons Blow, put up a billboard on Highway 2 telling Nebraskans to "Quit Littering. Stop the balloon release."

The balloon release is a time-honored tradition. Since the 1960's, after the first touchdown of every home football game, Husker fans release balloons into the air.

However, the idea that a balloon could travel more than 1,200 miles has many Nebraskans who saw the post perplexed.

Alyssa sent us several geotagged photos to prove the validity of her discovery and promises this isn't "fake news", like many commenters suggested.

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