Husker fans share game day traditions

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - With it being the final game of the normal season for the Huskers, fans piled into bars and people's homes for their annual traditions. One group met at the Eagles Club in Hastings continuing a decades old tradition of watching the huskers together.

Even during a tough season, Husker fans have traditions of what they do on game day. (KSNB)

“Everybody brings a potluck and brings something to share it,” Kathy Long said. “Pete makes hot dogs and stuff for us. We have a donation thing for just all donations.“

People bring food and cheer on their team even when they have a tough season. Long said she has been coming for over 30 years and every game day she connects with her friends and neighbors.

Some of the attendees say they like the Eagles Club because it is quieter and they can actually talk to each other. Many share high hopes for what Scott Frost and the team can do in coming years.

“I, for one, thing he's doing a good job of turning around what he had to deal with. I mean he didn't have any players when he came in,” Eagles Club Trustee Cal Wallin said.

Other attendees said they used to have more superstitions but they have dropped off with the changing of coaches.