Is it a drone? No, just a helicopter...

KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) - Yet another video surfaced this week of a drone sighting, only this one was different. It was seen over Kearney Wednesday night near the CHI Health Good Samaritan hospital. Many Facebook users were commenting on the post, and one even suggested shooting down the drones which have become a common nuisance over the last week.

CHI Good Samaritan's helicopter was confused for a drone by Facebook users this week.

The folks at CHI's AirCare saw the post, and realize that it was not a drone, but their own helicopter. The comments were enough for them to make a post with guidelines for drone flying from the Federal Aviation Administration, as well as reminding their followers "things aren't always as they seem."

Luke Ballmer, the Clinical Manager for AirCare and Communication Center, said this mentality can pose a danger for both the pilot and nurses on board, as well as the patients.

"Being shot at is not a common occurrence, but when those words are used on social media, we those that very seriously. We just want the public to be aware that we're out there operating frequently, and not to confuse us with a drone."

While there have been many "sightings" of drones over the past week, local authorities do not find any reports to be threatening.