Items auctioned off at old Vets' Home

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - A place once full of life is now completely empty. Auctioneers bid off the remaining items in the old Grand Island Vets' Home Sunday.

What's left of the library in one of the buildings of the old Vets' Home campus in Grand Island was sold at auction Sunday. (Kelsey Dickeson, KSNB)

Anything not part of the building was up for sale. This includes chairs, beds, desks, tables, file cabinets, ice machines, books, videos and even some personal items that were left behind.

One woman at the auction has many memories of the place. Marge Creason's mom worked there 30 years ago.

"She would tell me about the day and the members. There was some really, really fun stories," Creason said. "She worked in the kitchen, and she was a good cook. So a lot of memories if these walls could just talk. A lot of sad memories.

Two auctioneers went through the entire campus Sunday for the auction. People followed them through each room, bidding on anything from paintings to kitchenware. This is the second Sunday an auction was held.

The halls are now empty. Cabinets are bare. Only some hangers are left in the closets.

"It's pretty spooky. I'm sure there's some ghost in here somewhere. It's just sad that the Veterans' Home got moved that should have never, ever happened. For Grand Island to have lost the Veterans' Home to Kearney is a travesty," Creason said.

Although she's not pleased the home moved to Kearney, Creason said she's glad most of the items in the home won't be wasted.