January clues for Community Driven, Keeps Giving

Published: Jan. 17, 2019 at 7:09 AM CST
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Be sure to participate in this month's edition of "Community Driven Keeps Giving."

It's a promotion where you get the chance to pay forward money to a charity or cause of your choice.

It's presented by Tom Dinsdale Automotive of Grand Island and Hastings.

The third Thursday of each month, we will give clues as to where the specially detailed pick-up truck will be parked at 10:00 a.m. in either Hastings or Grand Island. People that have found the truck will get to draw a card. The winning card holder will be given $300 on the spot from Dinsdale's.

But here's the deal - you will then go directly to your favorite charity and give that money to them...It's a fun way to help others.

Here are three clues as to the truck's location that were given out Thursday morning on Local4 Today at 6:

CLUE #1:

We hope that our clues keep you on the right track to find our historic building

CLUE #2:

People leave here with bright ideas to lighten things up.

CLUE #3:

Our neighbors can get you on track to points east and west.


Victory is just a block away.

This month, the Community Driven Keeps Giving truck will be in Hastings.