Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce celebrates 100 years

KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) - The Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce is celebrating 100 years since its formation.

The Chamber works with local businesses to help them grow and talk about what's working and what's not.

“We provide a lot of different things: involvement, networking, education, and advocacy are kind of our main four pillars,” President Derek Rusher said. “I think we do a great job and we have done a great job. My predecessors have really set a great foundation here at the Chamber and so however we can help your business succeed we are going to make that happen.”

It started at just about 50 men who would come and talk about how to get water into the waterway. Now, many businesses work together to discuss economics and how to improve Kearney's growth.

“People ask 'What is the Chamber? What does the Chamber do?'. As easy as I can explain it, we help businesses succeed and so whatever type of business you are we have 850 plus members and so we can't have one specific thing that we do,” Rusher said.

Rusher says the Chamber has been a part of many great accomplishments for the city over the years but his main focus is looking forward to the future.