Kearney First Baptist Church settles into new location

KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) - At the location of the old Kearney High School, the First Baptist Church is making a home in their new space. Construction is nearing completion as parishioners begin to attend services again.

Kearney First Baptist Church begins service in their new location. (KSNB)

The sanctuary is in the old south gym which has been totally changed while still trying to hold on to the original features of the school. It's been a 10 year process to make their move happen and now they have completed the remodel of the school.

“Originally we weren't planning on this so the opportunity came up,” Senior Pastor Sean Dougherty said. “Where we were going to be we were actually going to have to be smaller. We were going to have to smaller square footage than our old building and so this project came up and it turned out to be the same price for four times the space.”

The church has many open offices and is looking for any non-profits who may want to move in.

“Since we moved into this building we really want this to be a community building,” Dougherty said. “We don't want to just use it for ourselves. We're trying to think of different ways we can get the community involved and allowing them to use the space because we have more space than we need.”

For anyone interested in checking out the space, they can attend the open house Sunday from 1-5. People can tour the space and learn more about their ministries.