Kearney High to star in short film

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KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) - Talk of possibly bringing charter schools to Nebraska has public school supporters concerned.

That's why they're standing up for their school by speaking out and getting their 15 minutes of fame while doing so.

On Tuesday, Kearney High students and teachers worked to give Nebraska an inside look at what goes on in the public school classroom by starring in a short film shot by "Nebraska Loves Public Schools."

"Public schools are really important to our communities and our kids go to public schools, so we want to make sure they're supported, and we want to make sure the greater community knows what's happening," said Brittany Mascio, Director of marketing for Nebraska Loves Public Schools.

Kearney high leaders couldn't be more proud their school was picked to star in the short film. One teacher has a checklist of things she wants people who tune in to see.

"The amazing teachers that we have in public schools. The opportunities we have for kids. Our community involves itself with helping educate kids," said Deb Eickhoff, Career Center Coordinator.

Representatives of Nebraska Loves Public schools say it will take a few months to put everything together, but the film should be complete this fall. When it's finished you'll be ale to watch it at: