Kearney Public Library brings interest to STEM at a young age

KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) - Math, science, and technology can be a hard concept for kids early on. But the Kearney Public Library is getting kids inspired with their build, connect, create program and the new Tinker Tots class.

With a growth in STEM careers, the Kearney Public Library is working to get more kids interested in STEM through games and challenges. (KSNB)

Kids ages 5-14 can come to the library and find a number of games to play with each other or a parent. What they don't know is they are learning math and science while they play.

“They're able to explore and play and decide to play something for a few minutes and then go do something else for a couple of minutes and then they see other ideas of what other kids are doing,” Parent Melissa Wells said.

The parents bring their kids back said they have seen them be interested in things they never expected. It helps them grow those interests into possible careers.

“A lot of jobs coming up in the world are based on STEM and that's such a growing area so we like to help promote that growth for the child and we like to offer these once a month or so for the kids to come and get some exposure,” Youth Services Librarian Shawna Lindner said.

The snap circuits are a popular activity for the older kids and the smaller ones find joy in the building blocks. On top of the educational aspect, kids also can make social connections with others who may not go to their school.

“They'll learn and other kids will say hey try this, do this, so they are encouraging of one another. Not only to my kids to one another but they learn that other kids have cool ideas too,” Wells said.

The STEM programs from kids and preschoolers happens once a month at the Kearney Public Library and parents can register on the City of Kearney website.