Kearney RC Club has day of fun in the sky

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - With skies clear for the first time in several days, the Kearney RC Club took off to show their model planes.

With the event moved to Hastings last minute, the club buzzed around the Skylark Field thanks to the Hastings RC Club welcoming them in.

The club wants more people interested to join them and show off their model planes. Some are gas and others have switched to battery power over the years.

“But people that are interested in aviation this is a very affordable way to enjoy it and spend some time with family and friends,” Kearney RC Club Vice President Rick Redden said.

Some of the people in the club are real life pilots.

“You kind of get the bug I guess,” Redden said. “When you're young you like aviation. Things that fly are neat and it's fun to experience that and i'm also a full scale pilot so getting in the plane is a different experience.”

There are some licenses required for flying and you can learn more here: