Ketchup thief leaves apology note at NJ restaurant, replaces stolen bottle

A ketchup thief left an apology note at a New Jersey restaurant saying karma and guilt caught up with them. The thief also left two replacement bottles of ketchup. (Source: Perkins Restaurant & Bakery/CNN)

(CNN) – A ketchup thief’s apology note has gotten plenty of attention online.

The thief left the note at a Perkins Restaurant & Bakery in New Jersey on Wednesday night. The person wrote that karma and guilt caught up after he or she stole a bottle of ketchup a few weeks back.

The thief claimed to have gotten into a car accident just hours after the theft.

The regretful thief left a bag with the note and two replacement bottles of ketchup outside the restaurant.

The owner posted a photo of the note and bottles on Facebook, and said she forgives the thief.

She said she never would have noticed the missing bottle, and she has a hunch the thief is a teenage girl.

Heinz got wind of the story and offered to help pay for the person’s car repairs.

The company later said the person got in touch with them privately.

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