Lake Minatare Elementary World Record

Published: Nov. 8, 2018 at 7:03 PM CST
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Lake Minatare Elementary may be small, but the students there today did something very big!

Thirty-two kids added their numbers to a world-wide list of other students trying to break a world record. The record to beat is 622,809 people sport-cup-stacking in one day. They were assisted by five staff members, and four moms.

Nebraska registered over 9,000 students to participate in the “2018 Stack Up.” They registered over 81% of their total goal, beating other competitors like British Columbia, North Carolina, and Oregon.

To participate, the kids only needed their super cool stacking cups. They worked hard to learn the different techniques including the 3-3-3 and 3-6-3 stacking techniques.

They had competitive rounds. Each table had two sets of competitors. Teachers and parents watched for winners.

The game was played like this: the kids who stacked the fastest got to move up a round, and the kids who were left at the table played the next kids to join them. If a kid won at the highest table, they stayed. The kids who lost made it back to the lowest table to fight their way to the top.

Kids raised their hands as fast as they could to show that they finished their stacks before their opponents. Then, the adults at their table would make a judgement to choose who would move on, and who would stay.

Cal Dixon described himself only as, “an educator”, but he has been teaching in Scotts Bluff County School District for twenty-nine years. He teaches math and P.E. He also thought it would be cool for the kids to try and beat a world record.

He heard about the World Sport Stacking Association, and the “2018 Stack Up” online. He brought the chance to the kids at Lake Minatare. If they beat the record, he’ll be the one to tell them tomorrow.

One student, Jaycek Belknap, told NBC Scottsbluff about his special stacking cups with a big grin. And after the event he said, “This is a one-time thing that I’ll ever get to do, so, it’s nice to do.”

With innovative educators like Cal Dixon and the other folks at Lake Minatare Elementary, giving their students enriching opportunities, maybe events like this won’t be a “one-time thing to do.”

The school will know if they beat the world record on November 11th.

You can track the “2018 Stack Up” online at

Update: Teams worldwide sending in their verified entries. The number continues to climb.

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