Leadership group teaches community members how to be leaders

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - A group of people that hope to make Grand Island a better place gathered at City Hall to take place in the Leadership Tomorrow conference.

They met with local government officials to learn what it is like to keep the community running. Mayor Jeremy Jensen and members of the board of supervisors and city council spoke about their duties.

Organizers say hearing how the city works helps people better understand how they play a part in it.

“Some of the things I read about Leadership Tomorrow were about making Grand Island better,” Participant Cole Larsen said. “I am fairly new to Grand Island so I was essentially inspired to see what I could do to participate in making Grand Island better.”

The group also visited local businesses and up and coming residences like the Michelson Lofts downtown.

“We feel that to make change in a community you have to step up and be a leader and be a part of that change and to be an effective leader you have to know what's already going on and what kind of change is needed,” Leadership Tomorrow Executive Director Jessica Hendricks said.