Local agencies partner up to bring awareness to child abuse

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Organizations in Grand Island are coming together to help kids who fall victim to child abuse. The Association for Child Abuse Prevention and Leadership Tomorrow partnered with Bosselman Enterprises to spread their message.

Blue pinwheels have been placed around town, which is the official symbol for the cause.

“This one just really called to everybody and we felt like that it's a difficult and sad conversation to have but it's definitely a conversations that everyone wants to have too to prevent child abuse before it even starts,” Online Sales Manager Kinsey Bosselman said.

These organizations say child abuse is very prevalent in Grand Island.

“It is. There are a lot of local organizations that are working on child abuse prevention in the schools, with parenting, and ACAP is one of those organizations that works on that problem here in Grand Island,” Bosselman said.

There are a number of events in April, which is child abuse awareness month. They include a banquet and a daisy cutting to remember those who have lost their lives to abuse.