Local coach gets lift from Nebraska National Guard

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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - Tony Harper likes to have fun. You sort of have to in his profession. Earlier this week, the Hastings College football coach was decked out in a Cowboy hat and flip flops for the Broncos 11-man football camp.

On Thursday, he took things up a notch by getting a lift to practice in a helicopter, courtesy of the Nebraska National Guard.

"I was a little nervous to begin with, I not going to lie," he said. "But she (SSG Shawna Tibbetts) talked me into it. It was just a great experience for me and it's about having fun. You can't be serious all the time."

When asked what he was thinking about while flying in the air, Harper said, "Don't pass out, don't puke, and don't embarrass yourself in front of the Hastings College football program."