UPDATE: Man arrested in North Platte after brief foot chase

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - Police arrested a man wanted for car theft and illegal credit card use. Mike Wazowski was arrested after a brief cornfield foot chase on Jan. 12.

North Platte and Cozad Police started asking for help to find Wazowski on January 10. On Saturday, Jan. 12, Officer Beth Kerr says someone told police the 30-year-old was at a home on North Sheridan Avenue in North Platte. Once Police arrived, potter tried to escape into a cornfield.

Police chased him and threatened him with a taser. That's when Potter stopped and was arrested.

Two local police departments are looking for one man accused of stealing vehicles over the last two days. The North Platte and Cozad police departments are distributing these photos of Kim Potter.

He is wanted for vehicle theft and using credit cards that don't belong to him. Officials say Potter is stealing cars to get someplace, dumping the vehicle, and then stealing another in the vicinity to get to his next destination.

Kim Potter also goes by the following names:
Mike Potter
Kim Hatch
Mike Hatch
Mike Wazowski

Police are reminding people to lock your cars and remove the keys.

You are to call the police if you see him.

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