Local organization gives voters rides to the polls

Grand Island, NE (KSNB) - It's been a busy day for people in the Tri-Cities as they cast their votes for the 2018 Midterm Election, and one organization helped ensure everyone had their voices heard.

People with the Heartland Workers Center gave free rides to voters in Grand Island Tuesday.

When we were out canvasing, we were asking people if they needed a ride out to the polls," said Raul Arcos, the community organizer at Heartland Workers Center. "I know that our Omaha location does it every election. So it was just another service that we decided to provide here in Grand Island, because we heard about 20 some people wanted rides, so we said, why not?"

A driver would pick people up straight from their homes, and drive them to their polling location.

They also provided information to voters about the issues and people they would find on their ballots.

"Every election is important, especially this one, because you're choosing who is going to represent you, like your Congressman or your Senator, and those are the people that are making laws that could affect you more directly. So that's why it's very important that even in the Midterms, when people say, "well, it's not a presidential year," that this is perhaps the most important race of them all," Arcos said.

All the drivers were bilingual to help voters who might need a translator.

Some of the drivers even stayed with people while they voted to help translate their ballots.

"Earlier I just helped an older Hispanic lady who didn't speak English, and I translated for her while she was voting, and so it just brings joy to us to see somebody happy that they were able to vote," Arcos said.

He said the organization is already gearing up for the 2020 presidential election, and said they are thinking of offering free rides to the polls for voters at that time.

You can view election results at https://www.ksnblocal4.com/elections/.