Local organizations offer help to those affected by ICE raids

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) -- The Multicultural Coalition in Grand Island is housing multiple attorneys right now following the raids in O'Neill.

“People are extremely terrified they are very fearful,” Supervising Attorney Roxana Cortes-Reyes said. “Just very very torn.”

They are helping those who have been detained by getting them in contact with representation if they are eligible. Many of the people detained Wednesday are in the Hall County Department of Corrections. Others are back in O'Neill.

But coalition officials say ICE has not released the whereabouts of many others. They say they are looking for them now to help them and that they condemn these activities.

“There are people who care about immigrants no matter if they have documentation or not and that we want them here to stimulate our economy, to have education and to make this a better place,” Multicultural Coalition Executive Director Audrey Lutz said.

They are also taking in donations. The donations will be sent to families that are affected by the raids.

Attorneys there say they want to make sure people understand the rights they have in this country.

“What we are trying to do in addition to helping people who are detained, we are trying to also get the word out to remind people that they have rights under the constitution regardless of what their immigration status is and kind of educating them on how to exercise those rights,” Cortes-Reyes said.

Some of the 133 people detained have already been released. For those who haven't, they face court dates and an investigation.