Local resources for college sexual assault victims

HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - Following the news of the sexual assault at UNK Local4 looked into what the process is for victims with reporting and what are some resources locally.

In Hastings, the SASA Crisis Center works with college students who are victims of sexual assault.

When a college student approaches an advocate at SASA about an assault there are a number of things that could happen. An advocate will talk about the incident with the victim and help them with Title IX officers if they want to report it to the school.

“So there are a few different options depending on whether or not you want it to be investigated or not,” Advocate Allie Trautman said. “If you just want someone to talk to but not necessarily investigated there are people you can talk to that have that stricter confidentiality.”

Victims are not pressured to report their assaults but they can be directed to various resources to help through the process.

“We kind of do our normal services when we give them the information,” Trautman said. “We do safety planning with them. We do both legal and civil options such as protection orders and then we recommend support and do referrals to counseling.”

SASA is contracted by Central Community College and Hastings College to provide advocacy services.

“College years are the ages where statistically most at risk. The majority of sexual assaults happen in the mid to late teen years to early adult years. So college years is actually when women specifically are typically most at risk for sexual assault,” Trautman said.

On the UNK campus they do have a women's center where students can meet with an advocate for similar assistance.