Local veteran receives award

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MINDEN, Neb. (KSNB) - Veterans Day may have ended, but every day it's important to honor our veterans.


John Yant received a Purple Heart Award Monday for has bravery in battle.

The award is given to a soldier who has been wounded in battle.

"I was wounded from a rocket and was fortunate that it didn't knock me out of service," Yant said. "The medics stopped the bleeding, bandaged me up and I continued to fight the battle all night long."

A battle that killed or seriously wounded about 100 people.

The award is just one way to honor vets who risked everything for our country.

"They are defending their comrades during those battles and in my husband's case, they just bandaged them back up and they went back into battle," Sue Yant, John's wife, said. "As long as they could walk, they continued to fight."

Other veterans were also honored during the ceremony that reminds people to never take their freedom for granted.

"I hope they care about the freedoms that they have," Sue said. "I hope they care about patriotism and recognizing that it's important to live our freedoms every day, because if we don't do that, it's much easier for someone to take those freedoms away."

Appreciation filled the room and veterans were very proud.

"People need to be aware of and think about what the veterans have done for everyone; and understand the reason that veterans are veterans fighting for a free country and helping other countries remain free," John said.

This is the 28th year the ceremony was held at C. L. Jones Middle School and officials said they hope to continue the tradition next year too.