Local4 Anchors & Reporters play firefighter for the day

It's called Fire Ops 101 and our Sports Director Justin Biegel and Reporter Danielle Davis got to experience what it's like to be a firefighter for a day

Justin got to smash in windows, put out a fire and Danielle got to repel down a 40 ft. Building.
Despite the fun, what firefighters do on a daily basis is real and they say this opportunity was enlightening.

Getting properly suited up was a top priority as safety is a major concern of fire fighters.

"We always have the air tank on, it's like a back pack. It attached to our face piece and we can be in a fire up to :15, :20 minutes at the most," said Jared Stockwell, Grand Island Fire Department.

Running inside of a burning building is a scary thought but with the proper training even our Justin Biegel was able to master the challenge.

"You have to crawl, you can't see much, it's pitch black. You can see the smoke rising, very little visibility and once you get to that fire it is hot, 600 degrees, that was very real," said Justin Biegel, Local4 Sports Director.

And when it comes to climbing ladders, it's not as simple as it looks.

And up and over Justin went, just one of many drills for the day.

"We practice code blue drills, if someone is not breathing after a trauma," said Jason Selecman, Grand Island Fire Department.

This is the second year this citizen fire training has taken place and along with keeping the public aware they have an additional goal.

"The goal we shoot for is our staffing. We are a little short staffed at times and we are always pushing to get more paramedics and fire fighters on the department, it takes a lot of response from a lot of guys," adds Selecman.

Reporter, Danielle Davis adds, "I couldn't let jason have all the fun so i suited up as well."

The Grand Island Fire Department says their call volume has increased as well as their job duties and responsibilities. They also respond to rescue missions, hazardous waste emergencies as well as medical calls.

If you are interested, you can call the Grand Island Police Department at (308) 385-5444.