Locals share concerns about well-being of Humane Society

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Current employees and Humane Society board members were in attendance, as well as former board members.

The lead animal control officer for the county says things need to run smoother between those parties.

"We have to have team work and co-operation. There has to be a well-built team. I have been addressed by several people about the state of concerns," said Rose Krause, the lead animal control officer for Hall County.

If Hall County board members don't like how things are run they can end the contract it has with the non-profit.

That could have a heavy impact.

"This contract is super important to us because it's our jobs. If we don't have animal control, we don't have animals and I don't have a job and we don't have a staff...these animals are our entire life," said Emily Beck, a vet assistant at the Central Nebraska Humane Society.

But former Humane Society Board President Jill Hornady says it's best to end the contract and replace the current executive board.

She and others feel those individuals aren't capable of overseeing the non-profit.

"If we don't take this action today, the shelter will fail and people will lose their jobs, and our job of coming in and fixing the whole thing all over again is going to be harder," said Hornady.

The Hall County Board voted to review its contract with the Humane Society with the Hall County attorney and also speak with the city administrator about these issues.

Next meeting supervisors plan on making a final decision.