Looking through the lens at the 2019 Crane Season

KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) - After retiring from teaching at Kearney High School, Tom Shield knew the first hobby he'd pick up would involve a camera. Now, he's gotten years of experience photographing the Sandhill Crane Migration.

We're coming near the end of the 2019 season, but for the most ambitious photographers, they're trying to get one last glimpse of the annual migration.

The peak time might be behind us when it comes to getting that classic photo to frame in your house, but for retired Kearney High teacher Tom Shield, he's far from done with his camera.

After teaching for decades in KPS, Shield put down the chalk and picked up a camera, which is a bit of a surprise for most retirees. When retirement rolls around, it leaves the big question out there of what all will you do.

For some, it's travel. Others - golf til you drop. But for Tom, he knew what he wanted to do pretty early on.

"When I retired from teaching, I needed something to do that would keep me busy and challenge me, and I actually thought photography would be a lot easier than what it turned out to be," Shield said.

Despite the difficulty, year in and year out, Shield says that as long as the cranes stick around, you can expect to see him out and about photographing Nebraska's yearly visitors.

"I like being outside, and I'm just trying to capture the beauty of God's world. It's pretty amazing. I never lack for anything to photograph. There's always things going on throughout the year."