Medicinal marijuana debate heats up in Tri-Cities

Published: Mar. 16, 2017 at 6:23 PM CDT
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Nebraska finds itself on a rare list of states that prohibits all forms of medical cannabis. But could that soon be changing? A proposed bill would make weed legal if it's prescribed.

The conversation of making medical marijuana legal in Nebraska is not a new one. Bills aiming to adopt the Medical Cannabis Act have been introduced previously but have been shut down.

Senator Anna Wishart re-introduced the bill because she believes there's more support behind it now.

According to a representative of Wishart, a large number of veterans who suffer from PTSD are in favor of having medicinal marijuana legalized. Some Nebraskans living with multiple sclerosis agree because they feel using weed would be a better alternative to taking pills that make them feel tired or moody.

Local young people also believe there are benefits to legalizing medicinal marijuana. They want you to do your research before taking a stance against this bill.

"Look at some of the studies that have been done medically or otherwise and kind of look at the pros and cons of this," said Madeleine Sharp, Recent Graduate of Hastings College.

One underclassman says people with specific medical conditions should have the right to be prescribed weed if it boots their quality of life.

"If it's something that will make you anti-depressed or if it's something that's been proven to help your condition medically, then you should have the right to whatever it is that's going to prolong your life and help you," said Hastings College Sophomore Trey Fleming.

While many are for the bill that would legalize medicinal marijuana, others are adamantly against it.

Nebraska Law Enforcement showed up to Wednesday's hearing where the bill was discussed to talk about the consequences it may bring.

According to Captain Jahnke of the Nebraska State Patrol, state troopers across the board are afraid legalizing marijuana for medical purposes would more than likely lead to recreational use.