Mobile food bank offers support, hope

Published: Apr. 13, 2019 at 5:39 PM CDT
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Every second Saturday of the month volunteers unload a semi truck from Omaha to give food to those who may need a little help.

“I think it feels good for anybody. It gives back to the community in one fashion or another especially people that need food that needed a helping hand and it may be something they need this month and may not next month and that's really the purpose what we're doing here,” Volunteer Tom Graves said.

The food comes from the Food Bank for the Heartland. Local churches volunteer to help serve people anything from bread, to vegetables, to even a tasty cookie.

This month they have supplies for flood victims to clean their homes and have clean drinking water.

“It's not just an urban thing,” Volunteer Kelly Karges said. “The food bank [is] really making an effort to get out in the rural areas and we really appreciate that.”

The food bank was in central city earlier in the week and will make a stop in Shelton next week. Over 400 people are served in Grand Island each month and they anticipate there to be more following the floods.

“I mean it's what we all should be about, helping those folks that have a need and right now this is one of the situations that a lot of Nebraska is facing right now and that's the impact of the flooding,” Volunteer Rob Winter said.

Anyone is welcome to receive food. All they have to do is get a number and get in line. Volunteers said it is just nice to know these people won't be going hungry.

The next location for the food bank will be in Shelton on Monday starting at 9:30 am at the Shelton Public Schools building.

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