Moms now get to stay with kids while going through recovery

Hastings, Neb. - (KSNB) Recovering from substance abuse is a difficult process for mothers and having their kids taken away while in recovery makes for an even more trying experience. Counselors say it can even get in the way of a successful and speedy recovery.

"The Bridge" is a long-term substance abuse treatment program for moms that focuses on keeping families together while the mother is in treatment and it's expanding in Central Nebraska.

"When we first get to The Bridge we are not in a good spot emotionally," says Kristine Beckby, Office Manager, The Bridge.

The Bridge's "Mom and Me" program has three newly built homes that will allow 12 families to stay together while mom goes through the recovery process.

Emily Miller, a mom in the program says "having the opportunity to grow with him, learn how to do this all clean and sober is just an amazing opportunity for both of us."

The moms attend group counseling classes, therapy sessions and are required to have a job as well as pay rent, but most importantly, concentrate on getting better.

"It gives me goosebumps, to be able to think of women who have children who don't have to be removed from their custody to be able to get the help that they need, to be able to prevent that trauma is our goal is, it's a miracle," adds Beckby.

Moms and counselors say the family atmosphere that these homes provide are part of the reason for their success.

"Open arms a loving grandma, a loving sister, we see a lot of tears of relief, because we are so tired when we get here," says Beckby.

The family spirit here strengthens as well as inspires.

"They are such an inspiration and I have a dream to maybe one day do this for someone else," adds Miller.

Two families are in the process of moving in and bridging the gap from substance abuser,

"I couldn't imagine doing this without him," says Miller."

To victor.

Moms stay in the homes anywhere from six to 18 months.