Movie theaters and air conditioning linked together in history

Grand Island, Neb.- Maybe you want to get away from the heat this weekend, but not stay home.

One idea - take in a movie - is steeped in history

The old, traditional movie theaters were among the first places to have air conditioning. It could be why your grandparents first went to the movies, they even featured it in their newspaper ads. They knew right away when they had a good thing going to fill the seats

"Well, i think that it was just a thing about attendance," says Craig Hand of the historic Grand Theater in Grand Island. Because, you know, they figured out that if it was cool in there a lot of people come down just to get out of the heat and buy a ticket. You know, there wasn't much except window air conditioners in those days and a lot of them didn't do that great of a job.

In keeping with the time honored tradition, Hand says they still keep it nice and cool in the theater.